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A magical night

On the 7th of September 2024, it's time for Malmö's most fun race!

Midnattsloppet-Malmo-2023-Foto-Viktor Winterglod-banan-löpare (4)

When and where

First start: 9:00 pm

Start point: We meet at Stortorget – where warm-up and start takes place.

Finish: You finish at Stortorget.

Distance: 10 km

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What’s included?

The registration fee not only includes a 10,000 meter public party around Malmö.

You will also receive:
  • A stylish t-shirt with this year’s unique color and print.
  • Precise timing so you can compete against yourself or others.
  • Energy drink along the course and a bar/fruit for all runners.
  • A digital diploma to upload or print out.
  • Medal can be purchased during registration.


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Team Competition

  • You must be 4 people to form a “team”.
  • If all team members register for the 10 km, you are automatically entered into the team competition.
  • Click on “Make a team registration” on the registration page.
  • You will receive a discount of 50 SEK / per person with team registration.
  • Classes: Men, Women, and Mixed (2 men/2 women).
Midnattsloppet Startgrupp Folkhav

Start group

  • In order for Midnattsloppet to be fun for everyone, it is important to choose the right start group.
  • Choose a time that you think is realistic for you to run in.
  • The start groups are tailored so that everyone running can have a good start to the race.
Midnattsloppets tröjor genom åren


  • Part of the magic of Midnattsloppet is that everyone runs in the same jerseys.
  • This year, the jerseys come from our partner Craft.
  • Since 2006, Midnattsloppet has had different t-shirts with new colors every year.
Du hämtar din tröja och tidtagningschip i vald stadiumbutik

Start Kit

  • In good time before Midnattsloppet, you can pick up your start kit at the Stadium store you selected when registering.
  • The start kit includes your shirt, a chip to attach to your shoe and a start group ribbon
  • If you want the shirt to be sent to your home, you can order it when registering.

Start fees 2024:

Malmö 2024

Malmö until 15/12 until 31/5 until 30/6 until 2/9 until 7/9
10 km 449 kr 499 kr 549 kr 599 kr 649 kr
5 km 399 kr 449 kr 499 kr 549 kr 599 kr
Image shoes



Run with your Company

Make a contribution to the company’s health – and have a fun experience together. The department, the whole company, or together with customers.

Invite your customers and colleagues to a different kick-off. Running the Midnattsloppet together opens up opportunities to meet before, during, and after the race. Start a running group, have internal competitions, and turn the race into an event with networking before or after. Choose between running 5 km and 10 km and purchase value codes on the company page.



Midnattsloppet Gift Vouchers

Give away an entry to Midnattsloppet.  Perfect for children, family, friends or colleagues.

Buy one or more value codes and give them to friends and acquaintances. A gift that lasts a long time and provides lots of opportunities to train together, compare times, and develop together. Experience gifts are a growing segment and the Midnattsloppet is an unforgettable experience. With races in different cities, for different age groups, and for both more experienced runners and beginners, Midnattsloppet has something for everyone.

Map of the track

Example of common questions 10 km

You can find more questions and answers under the FAQ section in the menu.

– You can participate in the Midnattsloppet 10 km and 5 km from the year you turn 14 years old.
– Together with an adult, you can participate in the 5 km race from the year you turn 12 years old.
– Youth under 16 years old are not allowed to participate in the competitive class (nor through seeding)

A registration is recorded directly in the system, but it may take up to 3 days before your name appears on the start list.

Start lists for the different races: Digital Stockholm Malmö Helsinki

*If money has been deducted from your account but you are not listed on the start list 3 days after registration, please contact Midnattsloppet customer service at: Please attach the confirmation or receipt you received at the time of registration.

No, unfortunately you cannot cancel a purchased starting spot unless you have purchased a cancellation protection*.
When purchasing cancellation protection and presenting a doctor’s certificate, certificate from a naprapath, masseur or company health care, we will refund the registration fee.

You send the certificate to:
Midnattsloppet Nordic AB
Enskedevägen 95
122 63 Enskede

or email it to: You can submit the doctor’s certificate up to one week after the event.

* Cancellation protection costs 125 SEK and starts when your registration is paid and ends when the event starts.

You can purchase voucher via our voucher shops. You can find them here: Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki. 
Choose a race and then “buy voucher” in the menu.

Once your purchase is paid and completed, the voucher will be sent to your email along with the registration confirmation and a link to a downloadable PDF with the value code on it. You can then print the voucher and give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Please note that purchasing a voucher does not in itself constitute registration for the race. Only when the recipient has registered using the voucher is the registration for the race complete. The earlier the registration is made, the more options there are to choose from regarding starting groups and kit pickup store.

Your start certificate will be sent about 8-10 days before the race to the email address you provided during registration. Sometimes the start certificate may end up in the junk folder, so please check there if you haven’t received it in your inbox. If it’s not there either, you can email us at: and we will send a new one.

If you register less than 7 days before the race, the starting permits will be sent out continuously. Within a day after registering, the starting permit should have appeared in the email address you provided during registration.


Yes, you can register and pay for multiple participants at the same time.

Here’s how:
When you have filled in all your details during registration and are ready to confirm your booking, click on “Add a new registration“. Then fill in the details for the person you want to register before confirming and paying for all registrations at once.

The people you register do not need to participate in the same race. In other words, it is possible to mix: Midnattsloppet, Lilla Midnattsloppet, MiniMilen, and Glada Midnattsloppet at the same registration.


Please note: When you register multiple people at the same time, the confirmation email will only be sent to the first person in the registration. However, all the people you have registered will receive their own start certificate to their email just like usual.

If you have chosen one of our manned stores (Stockholm: Ringen, Farsta, Drottninggatan) (Malmö: Södergatan), you can change your starting group BEFORE picking up your starter kit in the store.

If so, email: and we will assist you.

If you have chosen a store that is NOT manned by us, the following applies:

  1. Pick up your starter kit at the selected Stadium store.
  2. Bring your starter kit to one of our manned stores (see above)
  3. Ask to change your starting group.
  4. If there are places available, you will be assigned a new starting group band and the change is complete.

Midnattsloppet has had to discard a lot of medals every year, which we think is very sad and bad for the environment. From 2022, we have made the medal optional for those who really want it. This way, we save a little on nature’s resources. Starting from 2023, we have also added a ribbon and the medal is made of wood material.

The medal costs 49 SEK and can be added when registering for the race.

Company registrations are made using value codes ordered from our webshop.

Large companies?
Are you interested in purchasing more than 25 codes. Contact so we can generate ONE code that is valid for x number of uses. We can also offer invoicing afterwards. This will significantly facilitate your internal management.

Company tent
With your own company tent, the entire company, department, and customers can gather both before and after the race. When you book a tent, it includes: company banner, private toilet, bench set, fruit basket, snacks, and drinks. It is also possible to book food and/or shower tickets as additional products for the company tent.

Here you will find the company page

The maximum time for 10 km is 85 minutes (counted from the last start group).

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