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Midnattsloppet 2024

Hammarby IF Athletics has been organizing the Midnattsloppet on Södermalm in Stockholm since its inception in 1982, and has been running the Midnattsloppet through Midnattsloppet Nordic AB since 2010 - a company fully owned by Hammarby IF Athletics. Midnattsloppet Nordic AB organizes, on behalf of Hammarby IF Athletics, the events and carries out the various Midnight Runs with the help of local sports clubs in each location. The surplus of income goes to the organizing sports clubs.


This year’s race

  • In 2024, we will organize the 41st Midnattsloppet in Söder. In total, 43 Midnattslopp have been arranged in Stockholm, but due to Corona, two races had to be held digitally.

Greeting from Lars

Coming in August 2024

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