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Experiences and Memories

Imagine a warm August evening. Late summer air breathes magic. Thousands of excited runners. Anticipation. A starting gun and the whole city vibrates. We guarantee that it is a feeling you do not experience at any other event.


What makes Midnattsloppet so unique is the late start time, activity areas, and the atmosphere and ambiance created by participants, spectators, and volunteers together. In 2024, we will organize Midnattsloppet in Stockholm, Malmö, and Helsinki. For those who cannot travel to any of these cities on the scheduled dates, there is now also the Digital Midnattsloppet – run wherever you are!

Midnattsloppet is a 10 km or 5 km running race, atmosphere, and popular festival. Entertainment along the course, big city, samba, and asphalt are common to our race cities.

Midnattsloppetis so much more than just a race – it is an experience.


Hammarby IF Athletics has organized the Midnattsloppet on Södermalm in Stockholm since its inception in 1982 and has been organising through Midnattsloppet Nordic AB since 2010 – a company wholly owned by Hammarby IF Athletics. Midnattsloppet Nordic AB arranges, on behalf of Hammarby IF Athletics, the events and carries out the various Midnight Races with the help of local sports clubs in each location.

Midnattsloppet has grown into one of the largest and most popular races in the Nordic region with approximately 50,000 registered participants in 2019. The surplus of the revenues goes to the organizing sports clubs.

Midnattsloppet Stockholm
Organized together with Hammarby IF Athletics

Midnattsloppet Malmö
Organized together with Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening

Midnight Run Helsinki
Organized together with Drumsö Idrottskamrater

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