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How to choose your start group

When you sign up, it is important to choose a start group according to a time interval that you can run within. The flow of runners will be better along the course if there are more people within each group running at a similar pace. The start groups fill up quickly, so first come, first served!


Start groups 10 km

  • 1A. Men: 35.59 min – Women: 39.59 min (Seeding required)
  • 1B. 35.59 – 39.59 min (Seeding required)
  • 1C. 40.00 – 44.59 min (Seeding required)
  • 2. 45.00 – 49.59 min
  • 3. 50.00 – 54.59 min
  • 4. 55.00 – 59.59 min
  • 5. 60.00 – 64.59 min
  • 6. 65.00 – 69.59 min
  • 7. 70.00 – 85.00 min

Example: Your expected running time for Midnattsloppet is 48 minutes, so you should choose start group 2 when signing up. Above you can see the time intervals for each start group.


Start groups 5 km

5 km also has start groups, but these are not separated based on your expected running time.



For those aspiring to be at the front (1A, 1B, 1C), we require seeding based on previous results, regardless of whether it was done in Midnattsloppet or not. The result should prove that you are capable of running the expected time.

You should provide a link to your result when registering.

Runners in start group 1A can compete in their club uniform but will also receive the participant t-shirt from Craft like everyone else.

Time limits

1A) Men: 35:59 – Women: 39:59
1B) Men: 35:59 – Women: 39:59
1C) Men: 40:00 – Women: 44:59



This start group is only intended for those who plan to dress up and participate in the costume competition. You can find more information about the masqurade class HERE

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