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Completed order implies your acceptance of our purchase terms and consent to the registration of name, social security number, and contact information in our customer register. By registering, you also accept that your name and year of birth will be publicly disclosed in our start and result lists. Midnattsloppet’s partners may, in some cases, have access to Midnattsloppet’s address register. Films and images taken during our events may be used in social media, advertisements, and printed materials for Midnattsloppet, as well as on our website. This also includes the possibility of sharing this material with third parties such as sponsors and partners. Participation in Midnattsloppet is at your own risk.

We do our utmost to provide as accurate information as possible. However, we reserve the right for any errors in the flow of information.


A registration for Midnattsloppet can be canceled until payment has been made. A paid registration for Midnattsloppet is considered final and is not refundable.


Chapter 2, Section 11, The right of withdrawal does not apply to agreements that:

1. concern a service that has been fully performed, if the consumer has expressly consented to the service beginning and agreed that there is no right of withdrawal when the service has been fully performed,

2. concern a commodity or service whose price depends on such market fluctuations that the trader cannot control and that may occur during the withdrawal period,

3. concern a commodity manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions or otherwise given a clear personal character,

4. concern a commodity that can deteriorate quickly or become outdated,

5. concern a commodity that cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons once the seal is broken, and the seal has been broken by the consumer,

6. concern a commodity that, by its nature, is such that it is mixed with another commodity after delivery in such a way that the goods cannot be separated from each other,

7. concern an alcoholic beverage at a specified price, where delivery cannot be made within 30 days and the value of the beverage at delivery depends on such market fluctuations that the trader cannot control,

8. concern a sealed audio or video recording or a sealed computer program, and the seal has been broken by the consumer,

9. concern single issues of a newspaper or magazine,

10. are concluded at an auction, if it is possible to participate in the auction in a way other than by using a means of distance communication,

11. concern digital content delivered in a manner other than on a physical medium, if the consumer has expressly consented to delivery in this manner and agreed that there is no right of withdrawal,

12. concern cultural events, sports events, or any other similar leisure activity, catering, or any other similar service, accommodation, goods transport, or car rental, if the trader is to provide the service on a specific day or during a specific period, or

13. concern an urgent repair or maintenance measure during a visit to the consumer’s home, if the visit takes place at the consumer’s initiative and explicit request, and the repair or maintenance measures are covered by the consumer’s request or have a direct connection with it. Law (2014:14).

The registration fee is refunded only if you have purchased our cancellation protection, which applies in case of injury and illness. The cancellation protection reimburses the registration fee if you are personally affected by injury or illness. The reason must be substantiated with a medical certificate if you cannot participate in Midnattsloppet. The insurance must be taken out before confirming the purchase of a starting position for Midnattsloppet. If you are unable to participate, send a medical certificate, certificate from a masseur, naprapath, or occupational health service to Midnattsloppet Nordic AB, Enskedevägen 95, 122 63 Enskede, or via email to Specify how much you have paid in registration fee and account number for reimbursement. The insurance period begins immediately after the payment is made and ends when the event starts.

In the event of a natural disaster, war, government decision, or any comparable event beyond our control, your registration will be transferred to Digitala Midnattsloppet. If this is implemented, the difference between the amount you paid for a physical starting position and the price of a digital starting position will be refunded.


When purchasing a starting position, you must provide information in all fields that are mandatory for customer registration. If we do not have your email address, we cannot send any race passes or notify you of any news. We also ask that you verify that the provided address information is current for the dispatch of any diplomas.

We store your name and address information and other contact information in our customer register. The information is used for payment and delivery. Your email address is used, as you have agreed to, for sending out our member newsletters. You can

unsubscribe from these at any time by contacting our customer service.


Midnattsloppet applies free seeding, meaning the customer registers for the starting group they wish, as long as there is space in the starting group. It is possible to change starting groups until a certain date. The date depends on the registration status and when the starting groups are fully booked.

If you start in a different starting group than the one you are registered for, you risk not having your time registered.


A purchased VOUCHER is valid only once and for a specific race during the current year.


We accept bank cards from VISA and Mastercard/Eurocard. We take great care with the security when you enter your credit card number. All transfers are encrypted (SSL), and we never store your credit card number. When you place your order, the amount is deducted from your account when you confirm the purchase. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds in your account at the time of payment. If the account does not have coverage or if, for any other reason, the funds cannot be withdrawn, your registration will not go through.

Midnattsloppet Nordic AB
Enskedevägen 95
122 63 Enskede

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