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Where do you want to run Midnattsloppet?



The original around Södermalm, the classic mile that has been run since 1982. Many runners come back year after year, and it’s easy to understand why. The feeling, the pulse, and the atmosphere when tens of thousands of runners take on a Stockholm vibrating with cheers and anticipation is magical.



Sweden’s southernmost Midnattslopp – and perhaps the hottest. 10,000 meters of sweat and asphalt in the heart of Malmö. Thousands of runners fill the city and even more participate as spectators. The air vibrates, the atmosphere is at its peak. Closer to a carnival than this, you won’t get in Sweden.



Midnight run is not only Sweden’s most fun race, since 2010 it is also Finland’s. With the same format as in Sweden, but spiced up with Finnish sisu, this is a race you do not want to miss. Experience Helsinki’s magical buildings from the street in a unique public celebration. Terve!

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