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10 km

Around the Island of Södermalm!

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 10 km
Start time: 21:45


5 km

Half the distance!

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 5 km
Start time: 9:20 PM



Party to the people!

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 5 km, 10 km
Start time: 9:20 PM, 9:45 PM



For individuals with disabilities

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 2 km
Start time: 6:30 PM



For ages 7 to 13!

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 2 km
Start time: 18:30

ML2023_webb_STHLM_Mini (1)


For ages 2 to 7!

Date: August 17, 2024
Distance: 300m
Start time: 12:30-15:30


Run with your Company!

Make a contribution to corporate health – and have a fun experience together. The department, the entire company, or together with customers.

Invite your customers and colleagues to a different kind of kick-off. Running Midnattsloppet together opens up opportunities to meet before, during, and after the race. Start a running group, have internal competitions, and turn the race into an event with networking before or after. Choose between running 5 and 10 km and purchase value codes on the corporate page. Did you know that recreational races are now included in the wellness allowance?


Prize Money

The prize money is back in Midnattsloppet Stockholm – the 10 km class!

It’s the top 3 in each class (men/women) who will share the prize pool.

Read more about start group 1A, prize money, and competition rules via the link below.

To be able to win any pricemoney you need to run for a Swedish athletics club. Read more about the rules on this page

Image shoes

Map of the Course

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