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Team discount and Team competition

After last year's success, we have chosen to continue with the team competition in Midnattsloppet! For 2024, we have developed this concept even further to make it as good and fun as possible. On this page, you can read all about team discounts, team competition, rules, etc.

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Team Discount

  • When you make a “team registration”, all team members will receive a 50 SEK discount on their registration (200 SEK total discount for the whole team).
  • It doesn’t matter if you register for different distances within the team (5 km/10 km). As long as you make a “team registration”, the discount will be applied automatically.
  • To only use the team discount, it also doesn’t matter how you mix men/women within the team.
  • You don’t have to complete the race together. You can choose different starting groups and classes.
  • However, if you want to participate in the team competition, all team members must be registered for the 10 km race. You can read more about this further down on the page.
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Team Competition

  • When you register a team, all team members will receive a discount of 50 SEK on their registration (a total discount of 200 SEK for the whole team).
  • If you also want to participate in the team competition and have a chance to win prizes, all team members must be registered for the 10 km race.
  • We have the following categories in the team competition: Men, Women, and Mixed (2 men, 2 women). If, for example, you choose to have 3 men and 1 woman or vice versa, you will be disqualified from the team competition and cannot win any prizes, but you can still benefit from the team discount upon registration.
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More than 4 people?

  • A police report can only be made with 4 people at a time. It is therefore not possible to have more or fewer people to form a team.
  • However, you can of course form several teams, but it still requires that you are 4 people per team.
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Replace participants?

  • If a member of the team is unable to participate, you can email us no later than August 7th and we will help you replace this person.
  • Please note that the replacement must submit their own, separate registration to Midnattsloppet in order to be added to your team.
  • Regular cancellation rules apply.
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Run together?

  • No, you do not need to complete the race together.
  • For “team discount” (not a competition) you can freely choose both distances and starting groups.
  • For “team competition” all team members must run 10 km. However, you can choose different starting groups. For a valid result, you also need to meet the class criteria (men, women, mixed) and cross the finish line.
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Wellness allowance?

  • No, you cannot registrer through your wellness site. And get the reduced team price. These are two different campaigns that cannot be combined. Through Epassi, Benify and Wellnet, you can submit an individual registration. A team registration can only be made on the Midnattsloppet’s own website.
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How do I make team registration?

  1. Go to the registration page – HERE
  2. Choose the race you want to run (Stockholm/Malmö/Helsinki)
  3. Click on “Midnattsloppet Stockholm 2024“, “Midnattsloppet Malmö 2024” or “Midnattsloppet Helsinki 2024“.
  4. Click on the button “Make a team registration
  5. Fill in all the details and submit your team registration.

Good luck!!

Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

– You can participate in the Midnattsloppet 10 km and 5 km from the year you turn 14 years old.
– Together with an adult, you can participate in the 5 km race from the year you turn 12 years old.
– Youth under 16 years old are not allowed to participate in the competitive class (nor through seeding)

The start certificate for the Midnattsloppet will be sent approximately 8-10 days before the race day to the email address you provided during registration.

Sometimes the start certificate may end up in your spam folder. Please check there before contacting customer service.

Yes, that’s fine! Please note that the person picking up your shirt needs to bring your start certificate.

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