For young people between 7-14 years, there is the Digital Lilla Midnattsloppet. We promise a mix of samba, cheers and music from a wonderful mix of artists in your headphones. With the Digital Lilla Midnattsloppet, just like normal you get encouragement, warm-up, countdown, the starting shot, the mood and cheers along the race, finish alert, timekeeping and results list!

  • Design a course based on the conditions in your neighborhood.
  • Invite your friends to join you.
  • On with the headphones.
  • 3-2-1 Run!

The Midnattsloppet is 50% happening and 50% pep to run. Create a running party to look forward to throughout the summer.

Lilla Digital Midnattsloppet
– Run whereever you are!

  • Young, 7-14 år
  • 2 km
  • T-shirt och medal
  • 14-29 augusti


Entry fee and all that’s included

  • One Entry forDigitalt Midnattslopp
  • The App
  • 2 km atmospheric running party in your headphones
  • A fun goal to look forward to
  • t-shirt, medal, and diploma (if you want)
  • Warm-up, start, timekeeping and result list
  • Price: SEK 195


Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the Digital Midnattsloppet. You can also contact us via Facebook where we answer questions every day, or send a email to

  • Age limit

    Midnattsloppet 10 km and 5 km is open to runners from the year you turn 14 years old. Together with an adult, you can participate in the 5 km from the year you turn 12 years old.

  • Can I register more at the same time?

    Yes. When you have entered in all details for the participant click “Add another entry” (Lägg till en ny anmälan).  Repeat for each entry and then proceed to payment.

  • Entry: This is how you do it.

    Registration for the Digital Midnattsloppet is made in our registration portal.  Here you choose:

    • distance (5km or 10km)
    • your t-shirt size
    • the Stadium store you wish to collect your t-shirt and medal from (The medal is optional and can be removed upon registration.)

    Upon submission of your entry, you will receive confirmation  via email, and on August 5 we will send you a start certificate with information on how to download the app. The start certificate is sent to the email address you provided when registering. If you register after August 5, the start certificate will be sent as soon as we have processed your registration, which can take up to 24 hours.

    NOTE! When you pick up your shirt and medal, you must bring your Start Certificate (printed or presented on your mobile). Thus, identification alone will NOT suffice.


  • Give away an entry as a gift

    Absolutely.  Just purchase a voucher via the registration page.

  • How do I get my race time?

    A 10 second countdown starts when you press “Start Tracking”, and timing starts when the countdown reaches 0.

    You can follow your distance in the app including audio announcements when you pass your km markings and reach the finish line. A push notification will be sent to you (if you allow the app to send push notifications) and all who follow you at the following points: 1. When starting, 2. When you have reached halfway. 3. When you have reached the finish line.

    Do not stop running the race until the app has reached the selected distance of 5 or 10 km. It is the app’s distance that your result and time will be based on.

  • Is there a maximum time for me to finish the race?

    No, but the sound experience runs for 90 minutes.

  • When can I run the Digital Midnattsloppet?

    The first start in the Digital Midnattslopptet is on 14 August at 12.30. The running party lasts until on August 29 and you can run whenever (or as many times) you want during that period. The last finish for the race is August 29 at 23.59.