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Midnattsloppet Stockholm


Prize Money

The prize money is back in the Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 10 km class!

The prize money will be distributed as follows:

1. 10,000 SEK
2. 5000 SEK
3. 2500 SEK

1. 10,000 SEK
2. 5000 SEK
3. 2500 SEK

Please note that ONLY the 10 km class in Stockholm has prize money. We do not have prize money in the 5 km class. Nor in any of the other races (Malmö/Helsinki).

To receive prize money, the runner must meet the Swedish Athletics Federation’s criteria to participate in a national championship competition. You can read more about this further down on the page.


Information for 1A runners:

All runners in start group 1A will receive an email from us approximately 7 days before the race. This email will contain more detailed information about the race.

Race bib
Runners in start group 1A who have chosen Stadium: Drottninggatan, Ringen or Farsta as their pick-up store will collect their race bib at the information tent inside Zinkensdamm IP. Runners in start group 1A who have chosen home delivery or any other pick-up store in the country (i.e. none of the 3 mentioned above) will collect their race bib at the store they have chosen.

Club clothing
Unlike runners in other start groups, runners in start group 1A are allowed to run in their club clothing – instead of the regular Midnattslopptröjan.

The start
Runners in start group 1A will start right at the front of the 10 km race. This means that you will have the opportunity to “warm up” in front of the starting line. However, when there are 3 minutes left until the start, we want you to be behind the starting line at the latest, awaiting the starting signal.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony will take place shortly after the finish line. The top 3 in each category (women/men) will receive a prize. Officials on site will keep track of who you are and show you where to go.

Changing rooms
All runners in start group 1A will receive a “shower ticket”. With this ticket, you will have free access to changing rooms and showers after the race.

Competition rules:

Image shoes

Map of the track


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Through the following link you can follow your friends:

Stockholm:, Malmö, Helsinki

Digital Midnight Run: How to follow runners in the app.

  1. First, you can follow the leaders during the race through the “Leaderboard“.
  2. Through “My favorites“, you can add the friends you want to follow and see where they are on the track.
  3. Under “My Race“, if you are running the race, you can use the GPS on your smartphone to share your position with others who can also follow the race.

Clothing storage is located next to Runner’s Corner and opens at 20:00.

Using the clothing drop-off is free of charge. You can also leave bags.
Midnattsloppet is not responsible for valuables and we do not have lockers.

HERE you can find a map of the area.

There will be toilets at: water station 1, water station 2 as well as at start and finish.

Along the 10 km course, there are two water stations, one of which also serves as a water station for the 5 km race. Here, water and sports drink are served. The placement along the course varies slightly depending on which city you are running in.

Before the start, there is an opportunity to refill water at Runner’s Corner. You will also receive fluids after crossing the finish line.

HERE you can find a map.

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