Covid information ABOUT MIDNATTSLOPPET 2021

We, like everyone else, long for freedom and crowds to return, but with limitations continuing in Sweden on public gatherings and the uncertainty on when this will sufficiently change it is not feasible for us to plan an in-person event in 2021.

The good news though – this enables a major investment to further improve the Digital Midnattsloppet which was launched in 2020 and immediately became one of Europe’s largest virtual races with 18,300 participants!


Start a Midnattslopp in your neighborhood. You adjust the number of participants in each start group according to the regulations from the Government and the Public Health Agency. Right now, a maximum of 8 people apply. If the vaccinations go well and we get new directives, you can increase the number who can run with you!


Record number of Midnattslopp in 2021. Maybe 2,021?

The Digital Midnattsloppet enables Midnattsloppet throughout the country. How many? We do not know – but everyone needs something fun to look forward to now. And everyone needs to move their bodies with friends and family. We have previously had three physical Midnattslopp in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This year there will be many, many more.