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Do you want to become a partner of Midnattsloppet?

Contact us and we will tell you more about the opportunities to participate in the most fun running race in the Nordic region.
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Stadium Huvudpartner Midnattsloppet


Stadium is a proud partner of Midnattsloppet since 2007. Over the years, we have worked together to increase the number of participants in Midnattsloppet and encourage people to live an active life.

During race weeks, all participants visit a Stadium store to pick up their race kit with a shirt and timing chip. Once out on the Midnattsloppet course, Stadium is there to crank up the party atmosphere and motivate the runners through their Stadium Power Zone.


About Stadium

Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports and sport fashion chain. With the concepts Stadium and Stadium Outlet, the company has approximately 190 stores in total in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The group also includes Stadium Sports Camp, which since its inception in 1995 has engaged over 100,000 children and youth and donated over 65 million SEK to sports clubs.
The group has nearly 3500 employees and is owned by the Eklöf family. The turnover was approximately 7 billion SEK excluding VAT during the fiscal year 20/21. With a vision to activate the world, Stadium aims to inspire an active life for everyone.

Midnattsloppet är glada att ha Vitamin Well med som partner

Vitamin Well

For Vitamin Well, exercise, health and especially running have been an important part of the company’s DNA since its inception in 2008. Therefore, it is extremely gratifying that we are once again a part of Midnattsloppet. Vitamin Well wants to contribute to ensuring that the participants in the races have a fantastic experience and will also offer vitamin- and mineral-enriched drinks with clear functionality at the finish line.

Midnattsloppet partner craft


Craft is a product of sweat and hard work, of snow and rain, of losses and victories, and of the euphoria experienced when boundaries are pushed. For four decades, we have delivered optimal performance through functional sportswear and in recent years, also running shoes. Almost as long, we have been a part of the professional sports world. Our knowledge of how a training and competition garment should be designed to offer optimal function largely comes from a long and rewarding collaboration with elite athletes around the world.

Glada Midnattsloppet partner Nytida streching mot en bänk


Nytida provides support to children, young people, and adults for all life’s needs within disabilities and psychosocial issues.

We offer accommodations, daily activities, support for individuals and families, as well as schooling at approximately 400 facilities in Sweden. We aim to be quality leaders in everything we do, and our employees empower individuals to live independent lives.

Our vision is to make the world a little better, one person at a time.


Midnattsloppet Partner Glesys


For an event that interests 50,000 participants, it is incredibly important to have a stable website without any disruptions. GleSYS sponsors with what we do best – hosting and IT infrastructure.
We ensure that Midnattsloppet website is always available to you.

GleSYS is one of the Nordic region’s leading providers of sustainable server hosting and network infrastructure and is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 – internationally recognized standards for quality, sustainability, and information security.


Runner’s world

Runner’s World is Sweden’s – and the world’s – largest running magazine. In the monthly magazine, readers are guided, motivated and inspired by editor-in-chief Anders Szalkai and Sweden’s foremost experts on running. In RW’s social channels and on, the running-related news flow is constant, around the clock.

Runner’s World and Springtime have been published in Sweden without interruption for almost 40 years – and have been a partner of Midnattsloppet since 1985.



MTRX is the train company with Sweden’s most satisfied train passengers that takes you sustainably between Stockholm and Gothenburg. They provide you with a safe, smart, and personal travel experience through best punctuality, good prices, and a superior service experience. They simply give you a more pleasant journey!

And for those of you who need to get to Midnattsloppet, MTRX is the obvious choice. We will offer a discount for those who choose the train and make sure you arrive in Stockholm rested, excited, and ready for this year’s most fun running party!



Closures that withstand public pressure

Svevia has extensive experience in closing off and redirecting traffic during sports events. In connection with the Midnattsloppet, Svevia is once again on site to ensure that important societal functions are running smoothly and that runners and spectators can feel safe. We have the traffic arrangements that make the event safe.



PreZero offers efficient waste and recycling solutions with a focus on customer needs and long-term sustainability. We collect and manage residual materials from our customers’ operations through recycling and/or energy recovery. In our daily lives, customer benefit equals environmental benefit.

We are part of the international environmental company PreZero with headquarters in Germany and operations in eight countries. In Sweden, we are present at about 60 locations, with over 1,100 employees, more than 50 recycling and reception facilities, and we manage waste disposal in about 40 Swedish municipalities. Our operations not only create value for the customers we deliver recycling services to, but also for the manufacturing industry and energy sector by refining waste into valuable recycled materials for new production. Together, we contribute to the circular economy.



Stepler is more than just a regular fitness app. It is your perfect motivational partner that helps you achieve your fitness goals while being rewarded for every step you take. Whether you take a short walk around the block or run a marathon, every workout will be converted into points that you can later exchange for amazing offers, services, and products from our partners.

With the Stepler app, you can easily track your daily activity, set goals, and challenge your friends to further increase motivation. Additionally, the app is regularly updated with new, exclusive rewards every week, so there is always something new to strive for.

Midnattsloppet, Michael Dahlén, Motionslandslaget, Korpen,

The world’s largest national team runs Midnattsloppet

We are pleased to announce that Midnattsloppet and the Korpen Swedish Sports Association have entered into a partnership. The National Recreational Team is a rapidly growing team and so far, about 23,000 recreational athletes and over 300 workplaces have joined. You have probably heard and read many times that we Swedes move too little and sit too much. With the National Recreational Team, we want to activate and inspire movement. We have national coach Micael Dahlen to help us.

Before Midnattsloppet kicks off in Stockholm on August 19, we will have a national team meeting with coach Dahlen on stage to pump everyone up before the start. Thanks to the partnership with Midnattsloppet , you get to run in your national team jersey – together we get Sweden moving.



Best carries out daily, using innovative tech solutions, tens of thousands of fast and sustainable courier and distribution assignments as well as home and box deliveries in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Best is the logistics industry’s brightest sustainability profile, primarily thanks to the fossil-free vehicle fleet and the company’s focus on fair conditions and collective agreement requirements.

During Midnattsloppet, Best will open up its smart traffic guidance tool to the public, which means that thousands of Stockholm drivers will receive help from Europe’s most advanced route optimization technology to find the fastest routes during the event. This will make it easier for everyone to plan their journey!

Pandy Logo


Pändy believes that snacks can and should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. They produce “better-for-you” products without ever compromising on taste.

Today, Pändy offers a wide range of different products from energy drinks and protein bars to lentil chips and candy. Where their candy without added sugar is the hero product. Pändy’s goal is to brighten the day for snack lovers around the world, Monday 2 Sunday!



OBOS is one of Norway and Sweden’s leading property developers. We are also a membership organization with over 500,000 members and a history dating back to 1929 when OBOS was founded. Whether our members prefer city life or long for the rural idyll, we strive to offer homes that suit all stages of life. Our range includes everything from houses to modern apartment buildings, in both major cities and smaller towns.

Our goal is to offer 20 percent of the housing supply in our major city regions through the homebuying model OBOS Deläga, to enable more people to own their own home. We are an active part of society through sponsorship, our program “OBOS gives back,” and the OBOS Jubel fund. By supporting projects and organizations that promote sustainability and community involvement, we strive to make a real difference in society.

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