Midnattsloppet Göteborg

On the 13th of September 2020 it´s time for the 13th Midnattsloppet Göteborg. An experience with an unique atmosphere a long a fast route.  Sign up now to ensure your place in the race. 

You can choose between running the race as a 10K or a 5K. The start and finish will be at Ullevi stadium. On this site you will find all the information you need before the race.

Midnattsloppet Göteborg 12th of September

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10 000 m & 5 000 m

Registration Midnattsloppet Göteborg


Register for Midnattsloppet Göteborg

In the FAQ you’ll find answers to the most frequent questions about the registration.

Quick information about the registration:

  • Age limit

    Midnattsloppet 10K and 5K is open for runners from the year when you turn 14. To be able to participate in Midnattsloppet 2019 you have to be born 2005 or earlier.

    Together with an adult you can run in the 5K race from the year you turn 12. 

    Participants under the age of 16 are not able to run in the elite start group 1A.

  • How to register for the race

    A registration to Midnattsloppet is done in our registration portal, where you first choose which race you want to enter. You can do a personal registration, register several runners at the same time or buy a gift card.

    Personal registration

    When registering you will make the following choices: 

    1. What start group you want to run in – Choose your start group based on your estimated finishing time in the 10K race. The 5K race has its own start group.

    2. The size of your adidas race shirt –  To participate in the race there is a requirement that you run in the official race shirt.

    3. In what Stadium store you want to pick up your start kit  –  The options to chose different stores for the pick up location of your start kit are limited. Therefore you have more alternatives the earlier you register for the race. The start kit include your race shirt, a timing chip and a wristband. 

    Sign up here

    Register several runners at the same time

    When you’ve filled in your registration information, and before confirming the registration, you can click on “Add a new entry”. Then you can proceed to fill in the information for the next runner. This process can repeated the desired amount of times. When all registration as filled you can proceed to pay all the regstrations at the same time. 

    Buying a gift card

    There are two ways to buy a gift card:

    1. When registering yourself to the race

    When you register you can add gift cards as an extra product.

    2. Without making an own registration to the race

    If you only want to buy a gift card you’ll first choose what race you want to buy the gift card for. You can then choose “Purchase a gift card” in the registration portal.

    The gift cards are sent to your email together with the confirmation when your purchase has been payed. The recipient of the gift card can register themselves to the race, bypassing the payment with a voucher code on the gift card.

    A bought gift card is not the same as a registration to the race. The recipient has to register to the race with the registration code on the gift card. The earlier this registration is done, the more alternatives for start groups and pick-up stores for the start kit are available.  


  • Registration fees

    Midnattsloppet (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö)

    425 SEK (10K) / 325 SEK (5K) – until 31st of May 2020

    475 SEK (10K) / 375 SEK (5K) – from 1st of June 2020


    Midnight Run (Helsinki)

    42 EUR (10K) / 32 EUR (5K) – until 31st of May 2020

    47 EUR (10K) / 37 EUR (5K) – from 1st of June 2020


    Lilla Midnattsloppet Stockholm

    195 SEK


    MiniMil Stockholm

    100 SEK


    Glada Midnattsloppet Stockholm

    195 SEK

  • The registration fee includes

    The registration fee includes

    – 10K or 5K of running with a great party atmosphere!

    – race shirt from adidas

    – results service and timekeeping with check points and live tracking

    – water and sports drink along the route and at the finish

    – re-energising products at the finish

    – clothes storage at Runners Corner

Choosing your start group

  • How to choose your start group

    It´s important that you are realistic when choosing your start group based on your predicted finishing time. The aim is that runners in a start group are running the race in a pace as close to each other as possible. This will make the flow of the race, and the running experience, better for all participants. 

    If your expected finishing time, for example, in  the 10K  race is 53 minutes, you should choose starting group 3. 

    Below are the start groups and expected finishing times listed. 

    – 1A. Men – 35.59 min, Women – 39.59 min (seeding required)

    – 1B. 36.00 – 39.59 min (seeding required)

    – 1C. 40.00 – 44.59 min (seeding required)

    – 2.  45.00 – 49.59 min

    – 3.  50.00 – 54.59 min

    – 4.  55.00 – 59.59 min

    – 5.  60.00 – 64.59 min

    – 6.  65.00 – 69.59 min

    – 7.  70.00 – 85.00 min

    The 5K start group will start approx. 10 minutes after the last start of the 10K race.

    If you want to register for the star groups 1A, 1B or 1C seeding is required. 


    The different Midnattsloppet races have varied numbers of start groups in each category.  Availability may be limited based on the number of participants already registered to a certain start group. The available start groups in a specific race will be visible during the registration.

  • Seeding

    In order to register to one of our fastest starting groups, i.e. 1A, 1B or 1C, you need to present a previous result qualifying you for participation in these groups. 

    The rules for seeding in Midnattsloppet:

    • The result has to be from a competition with official time keeping. You need to send a link to your result while registering for the race.
    • We do not seed participants based on results from other sports besides running, e.g. cycling or skiing.
    • The result can´t be older than from 2017

    Runners in start group 1A may compete in their club uniform, but will however also receive the race shirt from adidas like everybody else. The start kit is to be picked up at the Info tent at Runners Corner on the evening of the race from 18:30 onward.

Midnattsloppet 10K & 5K

Midnattsloppet 10K

Start and finish will be at Ullevi arena. 

Midnattsloppet 5K

The 5K race starts and ends in the same spots as the 10K race. It’s mostly the same course, the same experience and support from the spectators – only with half the distance. 

Everyone has the same race shirt. The 5 k is purely a fun run, so there is no winner in this race. You can however naturally check out your own result on our results page after the race.  The 5K starts approx. 10 minutes after the last start group in the 10K race. 

Experience the great running party!

Midnattsloppet Göteborg is like running through a big happy party. You’ll be running together with thousands of runners, everyone in similar race shirts, late in the dark evening. This creates the solidarity and atmosphere that is so unique for Midnattsloppet.

During the race you will run past several different activities with DJs and live music. So please leave your own music at home and enjoy the atmosphere.

Runners Corner

At Ullevi we have our Runners Corner with service for the runners. Here you will find the Info tent, clothes storage, toilets and water station.

Run in the masquerade

Welcome to compete in Midnattsloppet masquerade, the best experience of the race. Just let the imagination flow and and be creative with your costume.

We promise you fine prizes for the winners and that the spectators will show you lots of appreciation for being an important part of the unique atmosphere of Midnattsloppet.

Read more about the masquerade competition

Travel offer

Our partner MTR Express offers discounted prices to the participants of Midnattsloppet.


  • Travel offer Stockholm & Gothenburg

    MTR Express, a train connection between Stockholm and Gothenburg, is a partner of Midnattsloppet. With MTR Express you can get to our races in an easy and sustainable way. They also offer our runners a discount of up to 20% on ticket prices. 

    Book your trip with the voucher code MIDNATTSLOPPET19  on mtrexpress.travel or in the MTR Express app to get the discount of up to 20% on your journey.

    The offer is valid on all departures Thursday to Sunday between the 15th and 25th of August. 


Pick up your start kit

Everyone who’s signed up to Midnattsloppet has to pick up their start kit in the Stadium store they chose during the registration to the race. The distribution of the start kits in Stadium stores will happen during the week before the race. 

Read more about picking up your start kit

Distribution of start kits – dates and locations

The distribution of the start kits in Stadium stores will happen during the week before the race. Information about dates and locations for Midnattsloppet Göterborg below. 

Please note that some stores have restricted capacity for distribution of start kits and might be fully booked.  

These stores are available to choose up until the 25th of June. After this date only stores in bold type are available. 

  • Göteborg – dates and stores

    Dates for pick-up of the start kits for Midnattsloppet Göteborg is 10th – 12th of September 2020.

    Stadium Grand
    Stadium Sisjön
    Stadium Borås
    Stadium Halmstad
    Stadium Jönköping A6
    Stadium Karlstad
    Stadium Kungsmässan (Kungsbacka)
    Stadium Skövde (Commerce)
    Stadium Trollhättan
    Stadium Uddevalla (Torp)
    Stadium Värnamo

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