No physical midnattslopp 2021

With the prevailing circumstances surrounding the Cornapandem and the uncertainty surrounding the development this autumn, we have decided to cancel all physical Midnattslopp 2021. Unfortunately, we have no opportunity to postpone the decision anymore even if the situation in autumn would greatly improve as the Midnattsloppet require several months of preparation time.
We are of course extremely sorry to have to leave that message but at the same time want to remind you that we will return in 2022. (No dates set yet)

In the meantime: Start a Digital Midnattslopp on your street or in your neighborhood!


Start a Digital Midnattslopp on your street och in your neighborhood in August!

Stockholm – Preliminary August 13, 2022

The Midnattsloppet Stockholm will be held for the 40th time in 2021 (Digital Midnattsloppet is counted as a regular Midnattslopp) but we will celebrate this fully in 2022.

Everyone who runs Digital Midnattslopp 2021 gets one week priority to register when we open for Midnattsloppet Stockholm 2022!

Helsinki – no date set for 2022

We will return here as soon as we receive a decision from Midnight Run Helsinki.

Göteborg och Malmö
– no date set for 2022

When it comes to Midnattsloppet in Gothenburg and Malmö, we will return a little later with information for 2022.

Start a Digital Midnattslopp in your neighborhood and make 2021 a memorable running year!