Imagine a warm August evening. The late summer air breathes magic. Thousands of runners. Anticipation. A starting shot and the whole city vibrates. We guarantee that it is a feeling you will not experience at any other event.

What makes Midnattsloppet so unique is the late start time, the side events and it all comes together to create an amazing, unique atmosphere. Every year, about 50,000 participants gather in the 4 Midnattsloppet races that are held in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki and together with a fantastic audience, they contribute to a magical folk festival.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it happen in 2020 exactly like that, but we had to rethink and instead arranged the first Digital Midnattsloppet, and in 2021 the sequel will come and be event better again…we hope you want to tag along with us!


Midnattsloppet is a 10 km or 5 km race, with the atmosphere of folk festival with entertainment along the track...City, Samba and the asphalt. Midnattsloppet is so much more than just a race - it's an experience.

Who organizes

Hammarby IF Friidrott has since the start in 1982 arranged the Midnattsloppet on Södermalm in Stockholm and since 2010 runs the Midnattsloppen through Midnattsloppet Nordic AB – a company wholly owned by Hammarby IF Friidrott. Midnattsloppet Nordic AB arranges, on behalf of Hammarby IF Friidrott, the events and carries out the various Midnattslopp with the help of local sports clubs in each location.

Midnattsloppet has developed into one of the Nordic region’s largest and most popular races with about 50,000 registered participants in 2019 in four different races, in two countries. The surplus of the proceeds goes to the promotion of children and youth sports in the local associations.