Information before the race

The 18th of august 2018 it´s time again for Stockholms biggest running event, Midnattsloppet. It´s a beatiful and challenging 10k course on the island Södermalm. On this site you will find all information you need before the race.


The course of Midnattsloppet Stockholm is as usual 10k on the island Södermalm. The start will be on Ringvägen outside Zinkensdamms IP and the finish is on Hornsgatan. The course is pretty tough and the hill up to the Sofia Church is a hard one. 

During the race you will meet over 30 different activities with dj:s and live music. So please leave your own music at home and feel the atmosphere.

Energy Zones
There will be two energy zones in the race. On this energy zones you will have water and energy drinks.

The will be nurses and doctors at the start and finish and also along the course for your safety.

Maximum time
You will have 90 minutes to finish the race if you start in starting group 7A. For every earlier starting group you will have 5 minutes extra.

Keep right
Remember to keep right during the race if you notice that faster runners are coming from behind.



Pick up your t-shirt

Before Midnattsloppet you pick up your t-shirt and timing chip in that Stadium Sportstore you chose when you registred. You can pick up your start package between the 13th and 18th of august.

Pick up in an Stadium store: We have som stores that is selected where staff from Midnattsloppet handing out the start package from special disks. We have six of these stores for Midnattsloppet Stockholm. For foreigners travelling to Stockholm for this occasion we recommend that you choose Stadium Sergel or Ringen which is located in the central parts of Stockholm.

Picking up in an express store: The option to pick up your start package in an Stadium Sportstore even outside Stockholm is possible until the 25th of may. Please note that we have limited spots in these stores

See the Stadium Sportstores

Bring your start certificate
When you collect your start package you shall bring your start certificate. The start certificate was send to you by e-mail when you did your registration. You don´t need to print it, it´s ok if you show it from your smartphone.

Start package
In the bag with start package you will find a t-shirt from adidas, a timing chip and a wristband with your starting group. You shall wear the t-shirt during the because we have that instead of a bib.


Timing chip

To get a result in the race it´s important that you attache the timing chip in your shoelace. It doesn´t matter if you put it on your right or left foot. Don´t put the timing chip at your wrist or put it in your pocket because then the signal will not reach the timing chip. The time keeping will start when you pass the carpet on the starting line so there is no need to stress.


When you pick up your start package you will also have a wristband with your starting group printed on. You put this around your wrist and show it for the crew when you enter to your starting group. On the bracelet you type in your name, day of birt and ICE-number.

Startgruppsband Midnattsloppet

Runners Corner

On Zinkensdamms Arena we have our Runners Corner that is the centre of Midnattsloppet. Here you will find services such as toilets, healthcare, clothes storage and informationtent. There will also be music from the stage. 

Map to find Zinkensdamm.

How the start works

The start will be on the address Ringvägen 42. Depends on what starting group you have chosen the procedure is a little big different. If you shall start in starting group 1A to 3A you goes to your starting group at announced time. For the other starting we will have a “Gate” that announce when you shall go to the gate. The meaning with the gate is to reduce the time you need to wait before you shall start. So check what time you shall be there and you don´t need to come too early.


We recommend that you use public transportation to get to the race. If you go by subway you shall use the red line and the station is Zinkensdamm and with shuttle the station i Stockholm Södra. After the race there will be an extra bus service that will you take you to Fridhemsplan.


Nordic Choice Hotels offers discounted prices for participants in Midnattsloppet during the weekend 17th to 19th of august. More info will be updated soon.

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