Registrate for Midnattsloppet

Every year about 65 000 people run some of our four Midnattsloppet in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Helsinki. We are very pleased that you want to join and contribute to this big party for runners. On this site you find information about how to registrate and other important information. Good luck in the race!

How to registrate

If it´s the first time you’re running Midnattsloppet you shall go to our “Online Registration” and create an account. The registration is confirmed when the payment have been successful and you have received your Start certificate by e-mail.

If you have run Midnattsloppet before please log in to the Runner`s Page and sign up. 

If the race become fully booked we will close the registration because we have limited amount of people in the races.

The age limit to compete in the race is that you shall become 16 years old during the year. So to compete in 2018 you need to be born year 2002 or earlier.

Starting fee

We have two different price levels in Midnattsloppet.

Starting fee swedish races.
To the 31st of may: 395 SEK
From the 1st of june: 445 SEK

Starting fee Helsinki
To the 31st of may: 39 Euro
From the 1st of june: 44 Euro

The starting fee includes t-shirt from adidas, timing chip, energy drinks and chocolate bars.

Registrate with a voucher

You can also sign up with a voucher that you can buy in a Stadium Sportstore in Sweden and Finland. On the voucher you find an unique code that you use to confirm your registration instead of make a payment. The code isn´t attache to anyone before it´s used.

Start certificate

You will have the start certificate send by e-mail immediately after your registration have been confirmed.

You shall bring the start certificate when you collect your t-shirt and timing chip before the week before the race. On the start certificate you will have information about starting group and size of t-shirt.


In Midnattsloppet we don´t use traditional bibs instead everyone will have a t-shirt from adidas which is included in the starting fee. The t-shirt is something that you need to wear during the race except if you are an elite runner or running in the masquerade.