How to get a result

There will be two ways to see your result this year. One way is the usual with the timing chip that you tie in your shoelace. This year we will also have a Trackingapp where you can get your result live.

Result by timing chip

We will have several checkpoints along the course that register your passes. Your friends can follow you during the race with their smartphones. To follow you they need to search for you in startlist and then mark you as favorite. It´s the result from the timing chip that is your official result in the race.

Get the result live

A new thing for this year is that you can get your result live. You need to download the app “Mika Tracking” from appstore. It´s free for iOS and android. From this app your position during the race will be found by GPS. Your friend can follow you but you need to do your result public from the settings. To use this app during the race you need internet connection. When the race starts you press “Start tracking” in the app and when you finish you press stop.

To log in the app you need your registration-id. You find that on your start certificate just under the QR-code. You find where in the picture beside.