How to choose starting group

In Midnattsloppet we have different starting groups divided after expected running time. You make your own choice when you registrate after your expected running time in 10k

Our starting groups

It´s important that you choose a starting group with an expected running time you can manage. The running becomes smoother when more people runs in the same pace.

For example. Your expected running time in 10k is 53 minutes. You shall then choose starting group 3.

Here you can see what starting groups with expected running time we have.

  • 1A. Men – 35.59 min, Woman – 39.59 min (demands qualification)
  • 1B. 36.00 – 39.59 min (demands qualification)
  • 1C. 40.00 – 44.59 min (demands qualification)
  • 2.  45.00 – 49.59 min
  • 3.  50.00 – 54.59 min
  • 4.  55.00 – 59.59 min
  • 5.  60.00 – 64.59 min
  • 6.  65.00 – 69.59 min
  • 7.  70.00 – 85.00 min

Every Midnattslopp have different numbers of starting groups in the expected running times. To see exactly which starting groups  that are available in the race you shall run just go to that specific race.


To registrate in one of our fastest starting groups 1A, 1B or 1C you need to attache qualifications when you registrate.

We have following rules for seeding.

  • The result shall be from a competition with an official time keeping. You send a link to your result in the registration form.
  • We´ll not seed on results from other sports than running for example cycling or skiing.
  • The result can´t be older than from 2015
  • If you have run the expected running time in Midnattsloppet you can choose this starting groups without sending a seeding link.

Starting group 1A (Elite)

To run in our starting group for elite runners the qualication for men is sub 36 minutes and sub 40 minutes for women on 10k.

If you have qualifications for 1A you can send an e-mail to with attached qualifications.

Runners in 1A can run in their own club dresses and don´t need to wear the t-shirt you have from us.