Diploma and jubilee

Midnattsloppet have many faithful runners that come back year after year and they shall of course be rewarded. For every fifth Midnattslopp you run you will have a honour reward. Everyone that participate can also order a diploma and keep their participitation in memory

Order a diploma

In your registration you can order a Midnattsloppet diploma with a local motive from each city. Your name and result will also be printed on the diploma. The prize of the diploma is 50 SEK and the diploma will be send home to you two weeks after the race.

Honour Awards

For those who have run Midnattsloppet several times the following honour awards will be handed out. Please notive that you need to do race in a specific town you can´t for example combine Stockholm and Göteborg to recieve a honour award.

  • 5 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö or Helsinki – Jubilee diploma.
  • 10 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm or Göteborg – 10 years medal.
  • 15 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 15 years medal.
  • 20 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 20 years medal
  • 25 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 25 years medal.
  • 30 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 30 years medal.
  • 35 completed Midnattsloppet Stockholm – 35 years medal.

The 5 years diploma will be send home to you after the race and is nothing that you need to order. If you shall recieve a medal for 10 years or more you go to the Information tent on Runners Corner after you have finished the race